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Why Skillhub?

In the workplace it can be difficult to determine who has skills and expertise in a given area. When stuck solving complex problems or managing large teams of varied individuals, employees will tend towards direct connections therefore losing the effectiveness of an experts point of view.

Skillhub provides a solution for this problem as an application that enables employees to quickly and efficiently figure out who knows what and who's working on what. Leveraging smart tooling integrations, Skillhub can figure out what skills and expertise each employee has, as well as which projects they are most actively working on.


Project Planning

With Skillhub, creating experienced teams is easy.

By searching for the skills important to your project, Skillhub will provide you with a list of eligible employees.


With skill based analytics, hiring a diverse and knowledgable team is painless.

By viewing the skill distribution of your team's, Skillhub allows hiring managers to fill in knowledge gaps and avoid issues with unknown technology.

Project Assistance

Making use of employee knowledge, Skillhub simplifies the problem solving process.

By searching for skills related to your problem, Skillhub will provide employees who can assist you as well as projects which might contain the required solution.


Skill Tracking

Create your own profile with a listing of skills proficiencies and projects for co-workers to view.

Automatic Profile Generation

Automatically generate data to a new or existing profile from project tracking softwares such as JIRA and Bitbucket

Dynamic Search

Quickly search through all profiles for employees with your desired skill proficiencies, projects, and more.



  • May 2019

    Design and Planning

    The initial planning stages will capture the scope of the problem and generate a set of artifacts to fully understand the solution.

    Upon completion, development will begin with the initialization of the development environment and required tools.

  • June 2019

    Structural Development

    Developing the core structure of the database, application and backend.

    With the core of the application complete, focus will be on integrating government applications to collect and display data.

  • July 2019

    Development and User Testing

    Development will focus on integrating applications and implementing client features such as editing and searching data.

    With client features implemented, QA testing will occur to ensure that project requirements are met.

  • August 2019

    Final Preparation and Delivery

    Preparing for project delivery by completing development of client features and fixing issues found in QA testing.

    Once complete, preparation and delivery of the final product will occur.

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Our Amazing Team

Bhalachandra Malghan

Computer Engineering at University of Ottawa

Devin Sit

Software Engineering at University of Ottawa

Joshua Gorman

Computer Science at Carleton University

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